Lessons with Pastor Leslie

As I am sitting here typing this lesson I must first confess. I have asked the Lord to forgive me of my disobedience.  The Lord told me in February 2019 when I became the pastor of Real Church to write a monthly newsletter to put on our website.  The Lord also said to utilize social media such as Facebook.  He wanted me to give a live message/lesson. I did not want to. It seemed like everyone and their brother & their sister were doing this (probably following the Lord -Hint). I argued with the Lord reminding Him that I am not a writer, I am a speaker, AND when I speak I prefer not to stare into my phone or computer.

In mentioning of my disobedience I was given a story about a very renown traveling speaker/minister. During her time with the Lord, He had told her she needed to clean out her refrigerator. In her mind that was no big deal, she will get to it when she gets to it. I am not sure how long she put off cleaning her refrigerator, but her speaking engagements became less and less until finally she had no speaking engagements booked. She recalled the Lord telling her to clean her refrigerator. Since she had nowhere to speak, she finally cleaned her refrigerator. Guess what happened? You got it, her speaking engagements began to book up again. 

One of life’s lesson is that of obedience. The bible tells us that obedience is better than sacrifice in 1 Samuel 15:22. I state many times that there is freedom in obedience. If we would just do it, whatever ‘it’ is, we would no longer have that monkey on our backs, per se and be free to go on with life not carrying the would have, should have, could have’s. We are FREE of such weight.